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 Volunteer Scheduling

  1. Physicians, Residents, Medical students, Nursing students, Physician Assistant students, other health professional students, and undergraduate students of any institution may sign up to volunteer. (Find the August sign-up here:
  2. Signup form will be posted online by the 3rd or 4th thursday of the month, at least one week ahead of the first Saturday of the next month (by 8 AM). You must sign-up and be scheduled before coming in. Only medical students who are in their 3rd year or above may walk in, but are encouraged to sign up so we know if we need to recruit MS3+ volunteers.
  3. "Working alone" slot is for volunteers who can see patients on their own. "Work with someone" slot is for volunteers who prefer working with/shadowing someone who can see patients.
  4. If you want to volunteer for multiple shifts, please mention this in "Comments" box in Sign up form when you sign up.
  5. New schedule for a month will be posted by Thursday before the first Saturday of that month. Thereafter, schedule will be updated periodically on Thursdays as additional volunteers sign up.
  6. If you can't make a shift you signed up for, please notify Stephanie Clough ( by email by the Wednesday before you are to volunteer. 
  7. Being an alternate means that you commit to come to the clinic after being contacted by the coordinator in the case when an another volunteer canceled his/her commitment. The names of alternate volunteers will be highlighted  in yellow in the schedule. If you are an alternate volunteer, you may want to include your phone # in "Comments" box in Sign up form when you sign up. You are expected to come to the clinic if notified by e-mail or voicemail by 5:00 PM on Friday. As such, you are expected to remove yourself from the alternate list if you can't meet this obligation. You may also be contacted after this time to come in but you are under no obligation to do so.
  8. Volunteers who don't show up on their assigned Saturday and who don't notify the coordinator about the cancellation of their commitment by the Wednesday of that week will lose the privilege of signing up to volunteer in the following month. If this behavior becomes consistent, you will not be scheduled in the future.
  9. Generally, there are 1-2 undergrad slots per Saturday. However, the number of undergrad slots may be increased on particular Saturdays if there are enough medical students to be paired with those additional undergrads.

Tips for Getting Scheduled 

  • To increase your chances of getting scheduled you need to do the following:
    • Sign up as early as possible after the sign-up sheet is posted (during the week before the last weekend of a given month).
    • Rank as many dates as possible. You will be given only one spot unless you indicate in "comments" box (in sign up form) that you would like to volunteer for multiple shifts.  
    • be an alternate volunteer (which may allow you to "slip into" a spot)
    • if you did not get a spot this month, choose "priority level 1" in the sign up form for next month. (level 1 means you signed up in past month but did not get a spot, level 2 means you have been signing up for the past 2 months but have not been  getting a spot etc.). Do not assign yourself a priority status without having tried to be scheduled; you will not be scheduled. 
  • Feel free to e-mail Stephanie Clough ( if you feel you should have been scheduled. For example, if you signed up three months in a row and didn't get scheduled for the fourth month

July 2016 Schedules


Saturday Schedule

  Work Alone Work with Someone BMS/Undergrad
July 9th Brandon Wilkinson Manisha Ravi Sruthi Ramesh
    Nirali Shah Mariam Hjaige  
July 16th Frank Mei   Sruthi Ramesh
  Tayson Lin   Jennifer Priessnitz
  Anne Barron   Geoff Ginter
July 23rd Paige Aiello   Hiba Saifoudin
  Margarita Abella   Kimberly Aung
  Brandon Wilkinson   Geoff Ginter
July 30th Nikita Khetarpal Manisha Ravi John Musser
  Kelsey Pape MacKenzie Mayo Kimbery Aung
  James Purtell   Nirmeen Chouaib
  Kelsey Baker    

Wednesday Schedule

  Work Alone Work with Someone BMS/Undergrad
July 6th Edmond Younes   Nahel Haji
      Hanan Rakine
July 13th Paige Aiello   Nahel Haji
  Radhika Rastogi   Latifa Dourra
July 20th Tayson Lin Julia Tsinberg Anthony Costa
  Margarita Abella   Latifa Dourra
July 27th Kelsey Pape Julia Tsinberg Nahel Haji
    MacKenzie Mayo Hanan Rakine