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Cass Clinic Policies for volunteers
Last Updated: 05/02/2010

General information for ALL volunteers

  1. ALL(new and returning) volunteers are to arrive no later than 9:00 AM. 
  2. Always act in a professional manner toward, patients, staff, attending physicians, and other students.
  3. Please bring any diagnostic equipment that you have such as stethoscopes, pen lights, BP cuffs, otoscopes, etc. when you come to clinic. This equipment will also be available at clinic.
  4. Please dress casually. We strive to create an environment that patients off the street feel comfortable in. No clothing with frayed edges, tears, or holes in it, no shorts, no sandals, and no white coats please. T-shirts and jeans are ok.
  5. All volunteers (even if not in the Co-corricular program) must sign.  Co-corricular volunteers will NOT be awarded credit if they don't  sign in.
  6. Volunteers who don't show up on their assigned Saturday and who don't notify the coordinator about the cancellation of their commitment by the Thursday of that week will lose the privilege of signing up to volunteer in the following month.
  7. Every patient visit must be documented by a SOAP note in the format specified by "SOAP Note Instructions" document in "Resources" link. Your SOAP notes may be audited by a coordinator with any discrepancies brought to your attention.
  8. Please write in small size in SOAP notes. Remember to sign and date every SOAP note.
  9. Please clean your hands with a hand sanitizer and your stethoscope with an alcohol swab between seeing each patient.
  10. Give care kit supplies to non-Marinners Inn patients  as requested  and keep quantities of itmes given reasonable
  11. Don't give care kit supplies to Mariners Inn patients since they get such items at their facility (Mariners Inn is a shelter and treatment center for homeless.) Ask a coordinator if in doubt.
  12.  Glucometer use policy: If your diabetic patient needs his/her blood glucose checked, please see a coordinator.  
  13. Please give out only 30 pills per Over The Counter (OTC) medication unless the attending doctor specifies otherwise.
  14. Smoking cessation brochures will be available at clinic to counsel hypertenstive patients who smoke.
  15. Resource cards with information about local places that provide services like dental or vision that are not offered at Cass clinic will be available at clinic in case a patient inquires about such services.
  16. Please don't hesitate to ask questions to the coordinators. They will try their best to help you. Most of them are rising 2nd year medical students. If they can't answer a clinical question, they will refer you to people who may be able to answer your questions. For example, they may refer you to a medical student who is 3rd year or above for a clinical question.

New Volunteers

  1. Please arrive to clinic no later than 9:00 am for an orientation.
  2. You cannot sign up in the " working alone " column. On your first visit, ask the medical student that you are working with to let you manage at least one patient on your own. You may start seeing patients on your own if you feel confident.
  3. See Resources to be familiar with the clinical skills you will need to get most out of your  volunteering experience at Cass clinic.


  1. Do not transport patients in your vehicle under ANY circumstance.
  2. If any kind of injury occurs to you while volunteering at Cass clinic, notify a coordinator immediately. If injury is caused by a patient, don't let the patient leave.
  3. If a patient discloses that they have any blood-borne diseases, RED slashes should be placed over their name on the front of their patient card and the doctor should be notified. If the patient is HIV+ or has AIDS, do not write it down in their medical record due to legal liability issues. With other blood-borne diseases, make a note in the past medical history.
  4. If you plan on driving to the clinic, please be familiar with the WSU Police Auto Crime Prevention Tips
  5. You may park your car in the Cass Clinic parking lot (located next to clinic) if it is open.

Volunteer Scheduling: Please see the Schedule page for our scheduling policy.