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Wayne State University School of Medicine


We will see mainly two types of patients at Cass clinic. Most Patients will come to the clinic to follow up with a chronic condition like hypertension, diabetes, asthma etc. Other patients will come to the clinic for a physical exam. The volunteers will interview patients, obtain their vital signs, do a partial physical exam if needed and present the patient's case to the attending physiican.

  • Complete Medical History: Take a complete medical history for a new patient. 
  • Physical Exam: Be familiar with Cass clinic Physical Exam Procedure but don't memorize it. It will be available for reference.
  • This site offers comprehensive information about how to a physical exam of the entire human body.
  • Health Counseling: Please counsel patients with hypertension and diabetes to make lifestyle changes, patients who smoke to quit smoking and screen patients for depression if needed. Please familiarize yourself with  the Health Counseling document if you need to be informed about this topics. This document and Smoking cessation brochures will be available at the clinic.
  • SOAP note: At Cass clinic, the patient record is updated using SOAP notes. Document the patient encounter as specified in SOAP Note Instructions
  • Vital signs: Heart & lung sounds, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure
    • Heart and Lung sounds
    • Normal and abnormal heart AND lung sounds 
    • : Cool website with animations of heart structures, normal and abnormal heart sounds
    • Lung sounds' videos (from Youtube)
    •     Video1 : Normal lung sounds
    •     Video 2: Abnormal lung sounds.
    •     Video 3: Auscultation of lungs anteriorly.
    •     Video 4: Ausculation of lungs posteriorly.
    • Heart sounds' videos (from Youtube)
    •     Video A: Ausculation of the normal heart sounds
    •     Video B: Ausculation of abnormal heart sounds
    • Fasting Blood Glucose (from National Institues of Health): Ask a coordinator to check your patient's blood glucose.
      Fasting Plasma Glucose Result (mg/dL) Diagnosis
      99 or below Normal
      100 to 125 Pre-diabetes (Impaired fasting glucose)
      126 or above Diabetes
    • Blood Pressure Resources
      •  Blood pressure measurement Video: This video from New England Journal of Medicine shows how to take blood pressure

      • Categories for Blood Pressure Levels in Adults (from National Institutes of Health)

        Category Systolic (mmHg)
        (top number)
        (bottom number)
        Normal Less than 120 And Less than 80
        Prehypertension 120–139 Or 80–89
        High blood pressure      
             Stage 1 140–159 Or 90–99
             Stage 2 160 or higher Or 100 or higher


  • Patient case presentation: After you interview the patient, obtain their vital signs, and do a partial physical exam if needed, present all of this information to the attending doctor.  To learn about how to present a patient "by the textbook," follow this link to UCSD School of Medicine. For the purposes of volunteering at Cass clinic, being familiar with  Patient Presentation at Cass clinic document will be sufficient.